The only inner city club based in the south of Bristol


We play all year round in winter and summer leagues


3 competitve teams entered into different winter leagues


Forge great friendships


We also enjoy nights out and social occasions


We run and attend competitive and social tournaments


Knowle Hockey is a south Bristol hockey club fielding 3 winter league teams.  We warmly welcome new members and offer a supportive environment for players of all abilities.

We have professional coaching during the winter season, play in a friendly summer league and socialise all year round. 


1st TEAM

2nd TEAM

3rd TEAM





Lucy, Grace E

Messi, Holly, Lizzy & Charlotte

Vikkie, Julia, Bry, Jazz & Ruth

2nd place - ???

3rd place - ???


1st TEAM

2nd TEAM

3rd TEAM

Best Warmer-Upper

The only player who we practically had to wake-up from a pitchside nap to play…

Ally Blaa, 1s 2017

Manager of the Year

The most committed but still pants at Fantasy Six Nations Team management.

Sophie Fox, 1s 2017

Miss Clevedon 2017

For living closest to our home pitch, and still only turning up at half-time due to a slight navigational oopsie…

Fran Mason, 1s 2017

Geographically Challenged

For believing Messi and Marcela to be friends because they both speak Spanish… and then being surprised there’s a whole Atlantic Ocean between Spain and South America… doh.

Ella Harvey, 1s 2017

Most Inappropriate Car for a Captain

For having the most impractical car in terms of ferrying players or kit, etc…

Sarah Lloyd, 2s 2017

Player of the Season

How low can she go?? Really low! Legs of the defence and nearly impossible to get through!

Kate McDougall, 1s 2017

Most Improved Player

Came on leaps and bounds and did a grand job for the team before scooting off to help Madagascar for the second half of the season… #selfishnotselfish

Hope Silk, 1s 2017

Malcolm Kingshott Award

For going above and beyond the call of duty in the name of Knowle. In this case, spending a season fighting with Lloyds about online banking.

Interestingly, she was also awarded ‘Most likely to steal your goal’…

Cristina ‘Messi’ Perez, Treasurer

Top Scorer


‘Though Kelly and Chloe came close this year. #Bringiton

Sam Russe, 1s 2017

Top Scorer

Those long arms and legs steal important inches from defenders!

Grace Evans, 2s 2017

Brownie Badge for Cooking

Always has a smile on her face and brings positivity to the club with her contributions both on and off the pitch. There have been a few individuals who have put in the occasional good effort for their tea contribution, however this individual has consistently shown the best effort for teas week in week out with her delicious homemade goodies. #ABrownieGuidethinksofothersbeforeherselfanddoesagoodturneveryday

Alex Plumb, 2/3s 2017

Vikkie Bell, 3s 2017

Players' Player of the Season

As voted for by her teammates…

Holly Crompton, 2s 2017

Scary Spice

Player the opposition definitely shouldn’t mess with on the pitch…. #scary #terrifying #meansbusiness #grrrrrrr

Nat Kent, 2s 2017

Most Inappropriate Holiday

For failing to abide by the unwritten rule about holidays in league season being strictly forbidden. Especially for goalkeepers. Bad Marcela.

Marcela Paz Montecino, 2s 2017

Most unexpected player to beat you in a drinking competition

Having joined Knowle this season, she’s quickly settled into her position; keen to support other players on the team and striving to improve. She appears calm and collected on the pitch and could possibly be described as quiet… However when the alcohol comes into play the real Knowlie is released!

Charlotte Hain, 2s 2017

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