The only inner city club based in the south of Bristol


We play all year round in winter and summer leagues


3 competitve teams entered into different winter leagues


Forge great friendships


We also enjoy nights out and social occasions


We run and attend competitive and social tournaments


Knowle Hockey is a south Bristol hockey club fielding 3 winter league teams.  We warmly welcome new members and offer a supportive environment for players of all abilities.

We have professional coaching during the winter season, play in a friendly summer league and socialise all year round. 


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Master Go-Li Wan

When her teammates were asked to describe this player, you could be forgiven for thinking they were talking about Master Yoda, and frankly there’s no bigger complement. With a calm manner, wise observations, dynamic movement and a twinkly sarcasm, she’s kept the defence from giving into their anger and some of the saves she’s pulled off this season could only have been made using the force! And very thankful we are, Master Go-Li Wan – Rachel Evans – 1st Team Keeper

Pirate Bolt

She arrived on a whirlwind having jumped ship from OBs, spent a season fighting hard on the pitch, doesn’t like to give over her gold, usually has a bottle of booze on her person (albeit bubbles not rum) and is now buggering off to the Caribbean, having sent her crewmates off the edge of the regional Knowle-map into the wild seas of area division hockey. As Captain Jack Sparrow might say, congrats on seizing the opportune moment, Bolti – Sarah Bolt, 1st Team

Swiss Army Cousins

A Swiss Army Knife is a design classic; fit-for-purpose, strikingly simple, iconic, neat, valuable, and always handy to have with you, much like this next player. Be it with the 2s or 1s, at the back, front, middle; she’s got the skills for the job. She’d probably prefer a little black dress as an iconic design classic analogy, but a Swiss Army Knife seemed more appropriate, as Claire’ll always have a blade at the ready lest any stray hairs make an appearance!! – Claire Cousins, 1st/2nd Team

Lumbricus Hominidae

She was nearly trumped by Soph (ask her to do the arm dance thing later…), but the most impressive dance move of the season – which also had a lot of potential to re-aggravate what was the most impressive injury of the season – goes to our favourite commando player, Lumbricus Homindae! AKA. Apes the Worm. – April Collins, 1st Team

1st Team Players' Player 2018

In a season when

  • the 1s secured promotion with 4 games still to play, to a league where no Knowle team has ever been before
  • when, injuries excepted, their average player availability has been over 90% (awesome ladies)
  • when almost the whole squad is on the scoresheet
  • and when they’ve had 10 clean-sheets, conceding just 12 goals all year.

The spread of player of the match votes has really reflected how much the team have put into the season and how those contributions are valued by your teammates. There are only a handful of votes between the whole squad, and testament to their excellent defensive record, leading the way are the back row. Two players were ahead of the pack with only two votes between them going into this morning, so it was all to play for! They’ve both had awesome seasons and have worked so well together, but despite hobbling off in the first half today, this season’s well-deserved Player’s Player of the Season is the legend, Ally Blaa! – Ally Horne

1st Team Top Scorer 2018

Unlike last year, when the forward line dominated the scoresheet, there have been goals from everywhere this season! Those worthy of note include Kate’s foray up from left back to score the best disallowed goal of the season against OBs ; Fran getting on the end of a pitch-length pass to touch it past the keeper at Keynsham ; Em’s cheeky nutmeg of the keeper against Mendip which it would be great to be able to watch again on camera, but we don’t talk about that, do we Mr Hacker… And Soph’s catalogue of assists also deserve a mention.

Like last season, it came down to the final game to determine the team’s Top Scorer. Continuing her form of the last umpteen seasons, Sam declared her intent to retain the title with a hat-trick in the opening game and has led the way throughout. Hot on her tail, Chloe’s been steadily popping them in, and going into this morning’s game it was very much a two horse-race. Attempting to mix-it up a bit, the team plotted not to pass the ball to Sam, and Chloe does owe us a jug after a hattrick this morning!! However, Sam also scored 2, and by just one goal, she’s got another trophy to add to her collection! – Sam Russe

1st Team Most Improved Player

Determined and driven, this year’s most improved player has worked so hard to develop her stick skills, her off-the-ball movement, and her mental game.  Over the course of the season the timing of her runs off the ball, movement across the forward line and interplay with her fellow attackers have noticeably improved. She’s her own worst-critic, but her team are really proud of how far she’s come this year, and if she can cut herself a bit of slack and relax, her shot-conversion rate will have her smashing the Top Scorer race next season! Great work, keep it up! – Chloe Doble

1st Team Player of the Season

In search of inspiration, Google was consulted, and Michael Jordan came to the rescue; “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”, he said. While some might argue this squad aren’t the most technically talented, by working together with plenty of brain, and a bit of shoulder/elbow, they’re been a force to be reckoned with.

With talent, teamwork and intelligence in mind though, one player epitomises those things. She’s got the talent nailed with her signature swooshy stick-wavy ball draggy thing and this season has mastered the weighted ball. She’s switched effortlessly between attack and midfield as required, providing structure and leadership in whichever position she plays; she’s always a shoulder for her teammates, and despite her nicey-nicey sensitive-soul appearance, telling her to man-up has clearly paid off as there’s a core of steel underneath, particularly when faced with an umpire who got out the wrong side of bed… On behalf of your team, thank you and very well played! – Kelly Thompson

Supporter of the Year 2018

Natasha Macauley – 2nd Team Fan

Home Baker of the Year 2018

Jo Wheeler – 2nd Team

(or Jo’s Mum as it turns out…)

Most Likely To Use 3D Skills Inappropriately 2018

Holly Crompton – 2nd Team

Most likely to do all the leg work for a goal and let someone else have the glory 2018

Grace Evans – 2nd Team

Most likely players to turn a hockey match into a family day out 2018

The Cottles – All the teams!

Most Colourful Language of 2018

Bryony ******* Barnes – 2018

Best (or worst...) Excuse of 2018

Grace “Breakfast Date” Harvey – 3rd Team

Green Party Member 2018

Fran “argumentative” Southway – 3rd Team

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