10:30 pushback Clevedon School Sports Centre

Well, the forecast was never great but we weren’t expecting such an eventful morning!  With the rain and hail stones thrashing against the windscreen and spray engulfing the carriageway, we tentatively made our way down the M5 for our 10:30 fixture against Clevedon 2.

Currently 3rd in the league, Clevedon presented as tough opposition with 3 wins under their belts and the acclamation of being undefeated at home so far this season.  Despite being 6th in the league and in true Knowle style, we were not put off by these statistics and travelled to the game in high spirits.  However, these were quickly dampened once we caught sight of the pitch; well, what we could see of it!  In the centre was a small island and the rest was completely waterlogged!

Stepping onto the AstroTurf it was clear that there might be a problem! The pitch was saturated in places and a small lake had formed in the far goal mouth!  The lines were also difficult to distinguish under the pooling water and with the rain continuing to pour down, things were not looking good!

Gathering in the foyer of the leisure centre, both teams waited anxiously for the decision as to whether the fixture would be upheld. Initial reports appeared optimistic as the rain began to ease and the pitch started to drain.  However, this was short lived as another heavy downpour ensued.  The feeling amongst the group was very mixed. Paige was clearly willing the rain to persist as the thought of returning to her bed appealed more than playing hockey in the rain; particularly after consuming a few shandys last night! Grace and Ella were quite the opposite; raring to get on the pitch and play whatever the weather! That’s the energy and enthusiasm we like girls! Others, myself included, were happy either way but truth be told the warm car did seem more appealing!

Finally, after much deliberation, the unanimous decision was made that the pitch was unplayable and that the fixture would be postponed.  There was an air of disappointment amongst the group, particularly as we had travelled so far, but we all agreed that it would be safer and more enjoyable to rearrange the game for another time.  We then said our goodbyes and embarked on the treacherous journey home!  Although, the service in the car I was travelling in was particularly good! The driver insisted on a comfort stop and treated us all of a bar of chocolate!  Thanks, Dan! That really lifted our spirits again!

So to summarise, it was a bit of a shame for us all to have got up early and travelled so far without being able to fulfil the fixture. However, on the plus side, we didn’t get soaking wet and nobody got injured!

That’s all for now!

Onwards and upwards….

Over and out x