Hello reader, hope you are well
The match report, this week
Is my story to tell

With suspense and action
It was a great game
Knowle vs Old B’s
With encouraging spectators who came

So now I shall begin
To recall this tale
Of our triumphant match
When we felt we might fail

We began with a warm up
Some stretches and a jog
Then took practice shots at goal
We really went the whole hog

We had Rachel in goal
Jo W, Sue S, and Sophie at the back
Emma, Claire and Ella in midfield
Then our forwards in attack

There was Paige and Sam
And Grace E and Polly
Christie and Sarah L to sub on
Wearing our new away kits, we were all rather jolly

The game started on the hour of 1
Our team poised ready
The whistle blew, we were gone

With strong attack
Great passing from Ella
The play quickly switched
This time a fast defence straight from Emma

More defence needed from Sophie and Jo
Then “Oh No!” Old B’s scored
What a terrible blow

We soon go the play back
With Sue’s interceptions and strength
Knowle started using the pitch
The width not just length

In defence again, there was great channelling from Sophie
Keeping the pressure on was a task
Then a shot on goal
“Ah No!” It his Rachel in the mask

We were safe but not for long
As Old B’s scored again
The score so far was 2-0
We had to get this back, make amends

Whistle blew, we attacked
And what Old B’s didn’t expect from Knowle
Was great passing from Claire to Sam
Who scored! Yes! A goal!

Sam kept a fast pace
The game began to get tense
With brilliant play from Christie
To win the ball back from Old B’s defence

Claire and Sarah had an all round great play
With our strong attack and defence
The game started to go our way

Paige’s positioning was brilliant
She always knew where to be
Then a short corner to Old B’s
Our defence stopped their goal tally hitting 3

Pushing up the field, we wanted to score
Passing from Sam to Sue to Sam to Grace
With her goal focus on
She scored with great pace

The half time whistle blew
The score at 2 all
An encouraging chat
Then back on the pitch with match ball

In the second half
Polly came into her own
She wanted that ball
And she wasn’t alone

The game was fast
With many shots from both teams
A slide save from Rachel
And hassling from Paige was a reoccurring theme

Both teams played well
It was really a fight
And though our team was strong
Old B’s scored again using all their might

But this wasn’t the end
We would either win or draw
We had to out play Old B’s
Once and for all

It was a team effort
Holding a strong defence to allow attack
We took one more push forward
To give shot at goal another crack

The tension was high
Sam yelled “keep calm Knowle!”
And with that in mind
Grace scored again! A fantastic goal!

With the score at 3 all
Time ticking fast
The 70 minutes were nearly up
As for chances, both teams had their last

The final whistle was blown
And we all felt relief
To draw with Old B’s was down to our teams belief

A brilliant game played by all
Now lets look to next week
A friendly against Lydney
With I’m sure cakes as a treat