Liz, Fran and Nessa played a gert first half, Claire, Ally, Em, Ella, Grace H, Aimz, Julia, Rachel W, Becky S, and Sarah E played a superb whole game and Puckle were a fun, good-natured and skilfull opposition who put a few past us but I can’t remember exactly how many.

Thanks go to Malcolm and Jan S for umpiring skills, Julia for generally being an ace team player and flapjack, Grace for cheeseballs, Claire for great attacking/defending/all-round-everything, Em for leadership, passion and commitment, Zoe for kindness, Aimz for some awesome skills, Ella for being more than just a new stick, Rachel for the Chumbawamba spirit, Becky for batting for both sides and Sarah for sheer determination.

One of the photos is especially for Ella