We arrived at the match early for a change and actually had more than enough time for a  warm up (very unlike Knowle 2). Chris drilled us in short corners, knowing we would need it later.

Unfortunately Wells City Acorns started fast and quickly scored while we were still dazzled by the blinding sun. Wells followed with two more goals in quick succession. We didn’t give up and had four short corners in a row. It looked like luck was against us until on the fourth short corner Sarah and Rach combined to score. 3-1 at half time and we were all confident we could pull it back.

Shortly after half time Grace managed to beat their goalie and there were an agonising couple of seconds before the ball crossed the line. 3-2 and so far we had managed to keep it feeling like an even match.  But soon after that we noticed the power of the psychic twins up front, great girls and they peppered us with attacks for the rest of the game. We tried our best but somehow it ended up 7-2 (although I am still convinced it was only 6).

Great team effort all round and Lucy was well deserved man of the match, closely followed by Grace.