Your awesome hockey club with THE MOST AMAZING TEAS needs you to contribute to this website.  If you fancy writing something for the site feel free to submit it to Johanne Verrall or either of the captains and we can post it here.  Try to keep it club and hockey related where possible, but if you have to post a gallery selection of your favourite sporting heroes with their shirts off, you could disguise it as an article regarding personal fitness and the importance of exercise and training.

PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!  You’re probably always carrying a smartphone on you with a decent camera and can take pictures of the team, warm ups, the games, teas, each other when you pass in the street.  Take pictures and either send them to us or upload them to the Facebook page, especially if someone is having a bad hair day.

If you’d like to become a website administrator please contact Chris Verrall who will give you the 30 minute crash course on the website workings.  I have no idea what a Bieber or Kardashian is, but I know that “writing and publishing regular articles for a busy hockey website whilst working as and within the team of site administrators” might be more appealing to someone reading a university or job application form.

At the very least please keep reading and commenting on the site and posts.  Let us know what would you like to see more/less of?  Pat someone on the back if you think they wrote a good article, better still comment on it at the bottom or select one of the many sharing links.

This site is more than just a list of fixtures and results, look at the club history page and consider the fact that in 100 years people will be looking at your photos, reading our reports and thinking “don’t they look funny?!?”