This week Knowle Hockey Club celebrated the 80th birthday of Malcolm Kingshott who has been umpiring for the club for almost 30 years and continues to give up his spare time for the club every weekend, come rain or shine.  The club presented Malcolm with gifts including a locally-made engraved replica wooden hockey stick.

KnowleHC_Malcolm (Small)
Since he began his umpiring career the sport has seen a huge number of changes,

“When I first started, hockey was played on grass and one of my weekly jobs was to paint the white lines.  Nowadays it’s all played on astroturf and the youngsters haven’t heard of the old rules like offside”.

One of the club’s most senior members, Liz Fox, said, “Malcolm’s reliability over the years has been an enormous asset to the club and we will always be grateful to him”.

Aimee Barnes, a junior member of the club summed up by saying, “Malcom is a proper Knowle legend”.

Knowle Hockey Club welcomes new members of all ages whether experienced or new to the sport.  For further information see

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