The weather didn’t look very promising for our final match of the season, but in wonderful Knowle style we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. First push back was ours. We started strongly and looked like we were going to score in the first 2 minutes, AWESOME! But Old B’s were strong and brought the ball right back in to our D. Soph cleared pretty much all of the early passes into our D. Amaze balls.

About 5 minutes in, Old B’s cleared the ball straight to Sam who masterfully moved past the opposition and smashed the ball into the back of the goal. Fantastic moves clearly helped by the warm up to ‘Uptown Funk’. Don’t believe me – just watch!  No, really, come and watch us play.

10 minutes later, a free hit and the ball made its way to Saz who expertly drove into the D, smashed the ball and possibly deflected off someone in the opposition and into the goal!! Amazing, Saz has not scored in quite a few years (so she says) so a very special goal.

Quickly rotating the subs with expert spectator help, as it was freezing, kept us fresh and looking for more goals. Ally kept the ball in the corner with some spectacular self passes and the whistle blew to end the first half.

We regrouped and discussed the brilliant first half – what to say except carry on!

So we did and the 2nd half saw lots of breaks from Old B’s into our half. Then more rain – lovely driving rain. Always the favourite kind of every hockey player and spectator alike. Bryony had to come off regularly just to clear her glasses. Everyone played well and we defended a few short corners. The second one being slightly more difficult to defend after Ally told a joke about big feet. Difficult to ‘run one’ when you are giggling and the ball was slipped out to the left. Whoops! Luckily Rachel’s presence put off the player taking the shot and it went wide. Phew, thanks Rach.

We defended well and kept up our lovely passing play, supporting each other well. The score stayed at 2-0, a fantastic finish to the season.  Plus the runaway winner for man of the match today was Saz “I scored a goal!” AKA The Sazzle.

With so many of our players scoring 4 or more this season, we have a close competition for the highest scorer. All I can say is how fantastic that is as it reflects how we play and how we created chances for so many of our players to score. A great team effort.

Well done everyone.