Etch the date on your brains people…….cos we won!!!

Not that winning is totally unknown for us in the 2nds -though my husband has stopped asking me about results when I get home! But today was different…..

We worked as a team, talked to each other, helped each other, and stuck together as a unit.

Unlike that awful programme ‘The Apprentice’ which my daughter insisted I watch to fill the void of depression I feel on Wednesday nights now there is no Bake-Off. There a dozen random people try to outdo each other and knife each other in the back-whilst working as a ‘team’. It was awful…yet compelling.

But I digress. The 2nds today were amazing. They weren’t thinking about themselves, or trying to make themselves look good by showing magnificent flair, only to be tackled as they took too long to pass. Today they were strong, skilled and determined. Chloe, Grace and Julia danced round the Corsham defence, whilst Karen, Nessa, Rachel and Ruth were solid in mid-field.

Meanwhile Rachel, Fran, Liz, Ceri and Lucy held up the back magnificently – frustrating many a Corsham attack. Grace, Karen and Chloe all added to their goal tallies, and Ruth got a much deserved ‘Player of the Match’ (even if she didn’t get a tiara and sash!)

And there was me, at the back, doing not very much at all!


So I am making this report much shorter than usual, as I’m off to carry on celebrating – not just a win, but the confirmation (as I get every Saturday) that I’m playing for the best team in the world…and with the best people in the world. How many people can say that?

PS: So looking forward to Tim asking me how many we win by in the future!! xx