Saturday November 7th 2015 is one that will go down in sporting history. Two magnificent teams, both securing a 2-1 victory to go joint top of their respective leagues – obviously I’m talking about the mighty Knowle Ladies 1s and the equally magnificent Leicester City Football Club.

The day started wet and soggy. Ella managed to fall over and get a wet bum before the whistle had even blown, but despite this she along with the rest of us all had a stonking game and the victory was ours!


We fought hard and were the better team throughout so the victory was thoroughly deserved.

Goals were scored one each by the midfield duo, Zo and myself (Saz) and MoM was awarded to the defensive rock that is Kate.

Teas, as always, were legendary. In fact when after conducting a survey amongst the Shepton Mallet players it was unanimously decided that we provide the best teas in the league. I can’t remember many details of the game however I can tell you that today’s delicious offerings included jacket spuds, cupcakes, tuna and parsley rolls, cheesy swirls, kit kats, homemade humous with assorted crudités, crisps and rice crispy cakes.


To sum up – great game,  great win, great teas, pants weather.