Todays strong 6-2 win made playing in the cold weather slightly more bearable.

With everyone eager to get going, in hope of warming up, the game started  well. We had many attacking opportunities with the first goal achieved by Sam in a penalty flick against a very under dressed ‘goalie’. Old B’s swiftly brought one back making it 1-1. The next goal came from Emma which put us one goal ahead again before  Old B’s achieved another making it 2 all. With the half nearly over Sam hit gold again making it 3-2 to the mighty Knowle, woo.

At half time Sue delivered a morale boosting speech, as we could win this easily and just had to play well, and of course she was correct. The second half produced some much better play with strong defensive tackles stopping Old B’s achieving any goals.

There were many free hits and sixteens where the ball was successfully cleared to the midfield allowing the ball to be moved up the pitch whilst taking full advantage of Ella and Aimee out on the wings.

The forwards then used these runs to gain a further 3 goals, another from Sam, resulting in a hat-trick, which can be seen in the video below (credits to Grace Harvey) Myself and Hope followed suit scoring one each, (YES, myself and Hope.. it’s a rare occurrence, we know) The game finished on a 6-2 win, even though Sophie claims to of scored a goal I’m not too sure where that appeared in the game, at least it wasn’t in our own goal. Our spirits were definitely boosted by the support of the seconds cheering us on following their successful 0-0 draw.

It was finally time to sit down, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake, (and yes to all of you who asked…. I made the cake from scratch… I had no help from Betty Crocker at all…well maybe a little)

Man of the match was won by Saz for her excellent performance in midfield! What would we do without you Saz!  It was another great weekend for Knowle all round 🙂