Bright blue skies and freezing cold winds were what greeted the players in layers today.  So extra long warm ups were called for and that’s what occurred.  Once warmed Knowle2 started practicing their set pieces whilst Frome did the same at the other end of the pitch.

Knowle2 won the toss and opted to defend the first half with their backs to the sun.  The match started and both sides started strong although it only took 3 minutes for Frome to win a short corner which was safely defended by Knowle.

Both teams were evenly matched and shared even possession of the ball and made runs on each others goals although there were very few shots at goal from either side.  There were a few scrappy occasions where Knowle2 players found themselves tackling each other and there was little calling for the ball.
At half time with the score at 0-0 Catherine gave a fine half time speech detailing how bad habits from the past were creeping back in and needed to stop in order to win the game and maintain the strong start to the season.
Frome started the 2nd half the stronger side and quickly won a short corner, the usual defenders assembled in the goal whilst the attack of Frome took their positions around the D line, joined by Vanessa.  After a moment of confused looking around, Vanessa realised she was about to join the attack on her own goal and retreated to the half way line; maybe the bump to the head last week was more serious than we thought!
The short was defended and the levels of play and skill improved to what we have been enjoying this season.  Lucy was a powerhouse in midfield providing a dependable and strong core for the team.  Ruth made some fantastic and speedy runs throughout the half whilst Vanessa and Rachel were solid wingers repeatedly cutting the Frome attacks down.  Defence had a tough time against a very skilled Frome attacker but held their own.  Sarah was quick and nimble in midfield whilst Chloe had a few good runs on goal.
A great game which was mainly played out in the middle of the field and 0 – 0 was a fair result.  Man of the match – Lucy Bartlett.