The day started off wet, eased off to moist and then escalated to soaking.  The 2nds headed off late for some action in the dark against City of Bath, the undefeated league leaders.

After coaxing most of the team out of their cars the “warm ups” began and short corner routine practise.  It was determined at this point that Bath are the only team in the South West whose pitch has worse D lines than Knowle.

Bath started strong and passed the ball well amongst themselves denying Knowle2 any early possession of the ball.  Eventually Knowle2 got into the game but were unable to launch any deep penetrating attacks into the Bath 23.  With more tight passing and excellent positioning the whole length of the pitch Bath worked the ball into the Knowle2 D and into the net.  1 – 0 to them.

Characteristically Knowle2 didn’t let it get to them and it wasn’t long before a long distance hit from Fran was missed by 3 Bath players, 2 Knowle2 players and ended meeting up with Vanessa who was running into the Bath D.  Vanessa collected the ball on the end of her stick, thought about her shot and put it past the advancing keeper and into the net.  1 – 1 and game on!

The play was evenly matched for the rest of the half and both team failed to convert short corners or as more positive commentators would say, several short corners were expertly defended.

During the half time break the rain eased off, then came back with a vengeance for the second half.  Ceri and Rachel both had a go at sliding and landing on their bums.  Rachel even managed to pass the ball on from a lying position and was pleasantly surprised to find this was legal and she wasn’t penalised.  Catherine was having an awesome game in goal clearing many good shots and leading the team with clear commands, she clearly likes it wet.

Knowle2 found the hit and hopes were not very effective in the rain and especially against such a strong side.  Bath never once relied on the belting tactic and worked in 3 goals using quick, sharp passing throughout the entire second half.

4 – 1 was the final score against a tough team, probably one of the best the 2nds have faced in a long time, so an honourable result.  Both Liz and Lucy took strong shots to the foot, but they are strong women hockey players and not Premier League male footballers, so they simply walked them off.

Teas were excellent, hot sausage (meat and veggie), chips and beans.  Man of the match was a tie and awarded to both Vanessa and Catherine.