The seconds decided to celebrate Cap’n Cat’s birthday by almost throwing away a could win game, only to make the win sweeter in the end.

First half of the first half we were like a well oiled hockey machine. Then a bit of discombobulation following subbing we went two nil down to the speedy forward and the big hitter.
But we kept our mojo and Karen soon scored from a short corner. Two-one at half time and all to play for.
All a bit of a blur in the second. Solid defending, Nifty runs by Ruth, lovely tackle on the big hitter by Eden (they both looked surprised), great passing between the forwards, particularly Sarah and Chloe linking up. All leading to two more Knowle goals (Knoals?) by Chloe and Karen. Nessa continuing her great run of form with player of the match for second week running.
Final score 3-2.  Back to our winning ways, and it feels great.