It was a windy, bitter and quite frankly miserable morning, but did that bother us? No way! Well maybe we were a bit chilly…

The 1sts were playing at Merchants Academy, and as the team arrived ready to go, we found ourselves cheering on the 2nd team as they were playing the final minutes of their match. I can’t help but think that their match win was our lucky charm!

Although it was a friendly, and Westberries were without a goalie, they started strong and with the wind behind their sails by owning possession of the ball for the first 10 minutes or so. Knowle had a wobbly start but we quickly became the ones to beat, when suddenly the ball had made it’s way down to the other end with Bryony providing a light touch to get the ball over the line. This was quickly followed by Grace who scored the second.

With an understanding that even though we’d scored 2 already, we needed to score more, it was decided at the half time team talk that we needed to mark every player possible, and that we did.

Westberries played even stronger in the second half, although the tripod of Knowle defenders challenged them well and Rachel worked her goal defending magic to ensure they didn’t score. Knowle worked harder too, with Sam and the mid-fielders at the ready as she ran up the pitch weaving around the startled opposing defenders leading us to score 2 more goals! Westberries did achieve 1 goal, but that did not effect Knowle’s spirit at all, afterall it was only a friendly.

After some great support from Ella, Bryony and Emma, Aimee was also able to score one more goal equating to a 5-1 win. However, the match took a dramatic turn when Holly was given a yellow card for kicking the ball so Westberries were awarded a penalty. Rachel yet again proved herself a brilliant goalie by deflecting this.

All in all, a good and entertaining game with all playing brilliantly!