History was truly made today. Today will come up on one of those “This day in history quiz questions”…Knowle 3’s was born!!!

So, how did we do I hear you all cry… here’s the summary:

First Half: Westberries scored a goal for every extra player they had: 4 (they had 2 subs)

Second Half: Westberries scored a goal for every player they leant us: 2 (their 2 subs)

Final Score: 6-0 to Westberries… final thoughts from Knowle 3s: Yay, that was a fun game!

Maybe you want a little more info (I’ll keep it brief, leaving out the ball between my feet, and the one over my head, umm…bring on training on Monday!)

The first half saw Knowle with lots of possession; we were usually well structured using strong side-line balls and hassling the oppo. Westberries did break through our defence which was a little sparse
given the lack of players but we kept our heads high and fought til the welcome half time whistle!

Westberries commended our first half play and offered us two players to balance it up – cheers Westberries!

So, the second half started 11 v 11, Emma was halfway to the goal before we really even realised we’d started – nice play! And we started giving the goalie something to do, in fact, quite a lot to do!

In defence, some fantastic clears from short corners meant Westberries only scored another 2 goals leaving the score at 6-0 to finish.

Cristina “I don’t want to play in defence” hassled players out of the game, forcing passes they didn’t want to make and Finn (in her debut game) got the ball under control and looked up for the passes like a pro! Player of the match goes to Sophie Fox (well done!!!) for excellent defending skills – directing our defence, defending with the stick…and with her toe – ouch!!! (Well done to Ella, Finn and Holly who also got a mention or two!)

Thanks all you lovely ladies: Sophie F, Nat, Jan, Emma, Cristina, Finn, Ella and Holly, it was a fun game of hockey and I look forward to the next!