After a pep talk from Ally, warning us of the opposition’s league position we were reared and ready to take on the challenge to remain in our top spot promotional position.

A strong start of tight marking and quick passes led to two sleek goals from Kelly, the smooth transition of subs helped to keep the game rolling and the positive attitudes high. Chloe scored a third goal soon after thanks to her skilled habit of perfect positioning on pitch, sneakily tucked in behind the goalie she took the rebound of Kelly’s shot and beat the goalie, putting us in a firm 3-0 upper hand.

However, the game took a turn when confusion struck at the umpire’s sudden blow of the whistle, signalling to pause the game. It was soon evident that there had been a collision between Ella and an unlucky Firebrands player, who was avid to remain a close marker and unfortunately came off worse this time. Although most were still slightly bewildered as to how this had happened unnoticed, Captain Sue managed to gather the team to assess the situation and bring our thoughts together whilst also playing nurse by administering a plaster to Ella’s bleeding head. With 7 minutes to go until half-time the game recommenced with Firebrands taking advantage of our slightly unsettled team, still distracted by the suspected broken nose on the side line (ouch), and scored a spectacular goal. (Ella came off lightly with mild concussion and well, quite a lot of blood on her head, however it was unclear as to exactly whom it belonged.)

The second half kicked off strongly and Knowle had regained their confidence. The attackers, namely Chloe and Kelly, fought hard against the persistent Firebrands defenders despite some, let’s say misunderstandings, between a few players. An opportunity arose to make a second shot at Ally’s secret strategy for a short corner. Whilst this was set up beautifully we were sadly unsuccessful in gaining a goal (this time). Our defenders and midfielders demonstrated an effective use of switching the play and keeping the game at a fast-pace getting the ball back into our attacking half.  Fran and Holly displayed great skill getting around numerous defenders of the opposition up the wing before sending the ball to the forwards in the D.  As the final whistle blew we were pleased to retain our unbeaten title and finish the game with a fair win of 3-1, once again, well played ladies.