On a damp grey Saturday morning, the first team arrived remarkably punctually at Wellsway! After a bit of tactical observation of the oppo (read *hiding in the dugout avoiding the rain, cussing the youthful enthusiasm and sheer numbers of the Keynsham squad*), we braved it onto the pitch and did some of that warming up thing. And with the exception of the 5 goals, the warm-up was probably the tidiest hockey we played all morning in what was a rather scrappy affair.

Although Sam (2), Fran, Chloe and Bolti all got themselves on the scoresheet this week, the stand-out finish was Fran’s. From the breakdown of a Keynsham short, the ball came out of defence to Sam who nailed a peach of a pass into the Keynsham D, and by design or otherwise, Fran timed her run in from the right wing to perfection to put a touch on it and send the ball round the keeper into the goal. #classy

Wide spread of votes for PoM this week, but April bagged the title for a solid midfield performance.