With a refreshingly hangover-free team, the ones took on a lively and physical Firebrands side, including recent transfer Ella making her ‘Brands debut! The opening quarter of the game was pretty evenly matched, but around 15mins in the Knowle got themselves a short, which was struck from the top by KT, and deflected into the goal on the right-post by your’s truly. Disappointingly it was disallowed for being a high first-strike… #TMO #videoreferral #controversy #whatafinish #notahit #notbitter #robbed ANYWAY… that spurred us on and Chloe and Fran stuck a couple of legitimate goals to take us into half-time 2-0 up. Brands snuck one back after the break, but in true Knowle style we retaliated and April got her first for the white-maroon-and-greens (then a card for hitting the ball away #harsh) and Chloe got her second of the day. Bosh.

So we finished with another 3pts, a couple of injury niggles to rest over the break, and pats on the back all round for continuing to play our own way and not losing tempers!!  Satisfying.

And good luck in your new club, Ella! We hope it works out for ya! 🙂 x